Fishing With Crankbaits

Crankbaits work great for a variety of seafood: all types of bass, walleye, north pike and more. They are made to run along the bottom from the lake or river. These people work best around trees, slip, rocks, wood piles, bowies, and just about any type of bottom part save a grassy tend to be weedy bottom. However , utilizing a high test line, you are able to muscle it out of the weeds if you don’t mind the hassle.

In spite of having two treble hooks– these lures are get in touch with lures– meaning they are designed to bounce off structure and you may get more bites when you use all of them this way. When you retrieve these types of lures, they will do a nasal area dive, this almost generates snag proof because the kind of the lure shields the actual hooks. The length and scale the lip will figure out the depth the attract will run at. The majority of manufactures will include this information within the package. Because you want the particular lure to run on the bottom, select a crankbait that will run in the depth of 8 ft if your fishing in eight feet of water.

Toss the lure well previous your designated spot. This cangive your lure time to achieve the desired depth when it gets to the strikezone. I favor a slow action fishing rod with 14 to 20 lb test. Slow action supports are more flexible: this will provide the fish a little more time to consume your st croix premier crankbait rod when you arranged the hook. A fast activity rod ( which is a firmer rod ) will have the faster hook set, this could often cause you to miss attacks because your jerking the lure out of the fishes mouth. But medium action rods function pretty good as well. I also choose mono filament linebecause it will certainly stretch and this will also stop you from missinghits.

Another good point to know is that the diameter of the line effects the level that your lure will operate at. Ten pound examination will run deeper compared to 14 pound test while using the same lure. The heavier line just has much more buoyancy. I always have had probably the most success with the crankbaits which have good side-to-side action. Take a look at your lure in the drinking water and make sure your getting great side-to-side action. I also such as crainkbaits that rattle, particularly when I’m fishing in unclean water.

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