Medifast Weight Loss Stages

Losing weight has been described as a battle; and for many, that is a very precise description of their quest for a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss does not come easily for most of us. This is likely due to the way in which we run through life, grabbing sustenance from whatever happens to be quick and somewhat tasty.

Continuing on in such habits will only result in further health issues related to weight. Because weight loss is such a high priority for so many, diet plans such as Medifast have become increasingly popular over the years. The Medifast plan itself has received over 15, 000 recommendations from medical professionals since its inception in the early 80’s.

Medifast was developed by a physician who saw the need to provide quick and simple meals to individuals seeking a healthier menu check out the Medifast1 coupons. Each meal that comes from Medifast is well balanced and full of essential nutrients, allowing the body to begin operating at optimal levels. The diet plan consists of three stages: the 5 in One Stage, the actual Transition Stage, and finally the Maintenance Stage.

Setting up three stages helps dieters to experience a change in lifestyle over time. Medifast, while a quick weight loss plan, is healthy and lasting. It doesn’t stop as soon as you have dropped which last 20 lbs. Were that the case, then your Medifast diet would be no different than any other diet you have tried in the past. Weight loss needs to be lasting in order for you to experience the best health you can. Dieters consume lower calories each day, consisting of 5 pre-made Medifast meals and one balanced meal consisting of protein and vegetables.

This meal is known as the Lean and Green dinner. Consuming the particular pre-made meals is ideal for any dieter, because there is no guess work. Part of the reason why diets fail is because of the preparation involved. Measuring and calorie counting often takes much more time than one has! Because the Medifast 5 in One Stage is all planned out, the only thing you as the dieter have to do is FOLLOW THE PLAN. This means your primary focus is to develop self discipline. The Medifast 5 in a single Stage lasts only a few weeks. During this time, you will utilize the tools given to you to determine which foods are healthful to eat, as well as palatable enough to develop a lifelong diet from. Medifast is based on low fat, low sugar foods with lean meats. Portion control is also something that individuals learn along with Medifast.

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