Pepper Spray Guns – Mace Pepper Gun Review

Spice up Spray Guns are important inclusion to methods that are available these days to use Pepper Spray with regard to Self Defense. The Mace Salt Gun is considered one of the best available on the market.

Mace has been a major provider of Pepper Spray for several years. It has an excellent record regarding quality and advancement within development of nonlethal Self Defense Items. The Mace Pepper Apply Gun appears to be and is measured very much like a small regular gun. When an attacker views the Gun it could call and make an attacker think twice about attacking. For sure size it is still little enough to carry in a handbag or pocket The weapon holds a cartridge which will shoot 7 blasts as much as 25 feet. It utilizes a new technology called Bag-n-a-can technologies. That is a good distance away in order to shoot the pepper apply with accuracy.

It is easy to masse and has a safety switch. The holster is also available for this particular Spray Gun. A Drinking water Test Cartridge is included using the Pepper Gun. The opportunity to exercise using the Water Test Container is a big plus specifically for people who have not used any type of weapon before. A BROUGHT light is included to provide lighting you to see the attacker much better, improve your accuracy and even might blind or disturb your pet. Finally you have a choice of 4 colors. I think the Blue/Black or the Silver ones because they would probably look more like a genuine gun but that is to the owner. read more to discover more about pepper spray gun.

I would recommend this White pepper Gun to anyone like a good Defense Weapon for a woman or Women. Joggers, ramblers, can also use this as an pet spray. It is not expensive along with all the above features is actually well worth having this protection. Keep one in your Home or Vehicle or on your person. This can be a major brand and Mace Pepper Spray guns ought to be available in many places which sells Self Defense Sprays.

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