Quantum Physics and Your Third Eye

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws reveal to us that there is an unending Ocean of Energy called the Quantum Ocean. Truly it is the Mind of God. This is the wellspring of everything past, present and future. “Where is the Father’s home?” In the Eastern methods of insight they are more supernatural, lovely and figurative. They talk regularly of the “Third Eye.” Hinduism and Buddhism are packed with say and comparisons for the “Third Eye.” In the Upanishads, they say a person resembles a city with ten entryways. Nine entryways open into the external physical world. The eyes, nose, mouth and ears, rear-end and urethra. The Tenth Gate is the “Third Eye” the door to inward universes.

It is the place the Pineal Gland meets the Pituitary Gland behind the eyebrows. They don’t meet physically and every ha it’s own physical and Spiritual capacity. In any case, they do meet on a considerably more unpretentious level. There is a vitality entry between the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland. It is known as a Synapse. It is this Synapse, this stream of Energy that is the entryway in to the puzzling “Inward Realms.” This is the Kingdom of Heaven and “My dad’s home.” Many mystics and sensitives have the intensity of understanding and even precognition. It comes to them through the “Third Eye.” There is a familiar adage, “Where the measurer, the deliberate and the gauge meet, “There” you will discover God.

The definition given us by the Laws of Quantum Physics disclose to us that the Quantum Ocean is Timeless and Space less. There is just the HERE-NOW. An Infinite, Timeless, Space less point. God is Timeless, Space less and Infinite. n the Quantum Ocean, everything that at any point was, is or will be exists. In the Mind of God, everything that at any point was, is or will be exists. The Quantum Ocean is the Mind of God. The “Inside” and “My Father’s House”, is the Mind of God, the Quantum Ocean. We exist both in the Mind of God, and the physical reality we are presently encountering. Both in the meantime. We have to hone all the more Third Eye Meditations and deliberately enter the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean. It is there where we can discover genuine direction, wellbeing and otherworldliness. You can find out more about how to open your third eye here.

A straightforward Third Eye Meditation is to sit unobtrusively in your seat and inhale delicately. At that point with the Power of your Will state, “This is I, (your name), totally mindful in the HERE-NOW (Mind of God.) Take a full breath and feel the vitality from your Pineal and the vitality from your Pituitary stream together and frame a Synapse at the scaffold of your nose. This is the entryway inside. Practice, Practice, Practice until the point when you can deliberately and effectively enter the entryway.

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