The Wide Varieties of Ceramic Mugs

Purchasing your customer a marketing ceramic mug is a great concept. Ceramic mugs will stay about for 10 to 20 many years, and when you put your company title and logo on the hard cups, you can entice your customers and their friends to return more and more to your business with the beauty of guerrilla marketing. Therefore what types of mugs are there and do you need to know about ceramic cups?

The ceramic mug is really a type of cup that usually will hold hot drinks because of the handle that keeps your odds from burning while keeping the mug. Most often you will notice ceramic cups holding green tea, coffee and hot chocolates but some people like to place soup in their cups as well as drink it like that. Cups must have a handle to become called a mug, and usually the actual mug will hold regarding 12 fluid ounces or even 350 milliliters, which is dual what a tea cup will certainly hold.

In the past, mugs were created from wood, bone or perhaps clay but the modern cup is made mostly by fine ceramic materials which can include earthenware, bone, china, porcelain and also stoneware. Pyrex, which is a increased type of glass, is also occasionally used. One of the great things about porcelain mugs is that it is easy to place silk screen printing within the mug to display a company label and logo. Each picture and wording is dismissed onto a mug to make sure that the image and wording will never come off over time.

A very distinctive type of แก้วเซรามิคสกรีนโลโก้ may be the Tiki mug. The Tiki mug is a drinking glass that came around in the mid-20th century. Each mug includes a sculptured drink that describes the image of Tiki gods from Polynesia, Micronesia or maybe Melanesia. Anything tropical is usually featured on the mugs plus they serve as a way for people to flee away from their day-to-day life through the tropical and gorgeous Tiki mugs. The only issue with the Tiki mug could be that the sculpturing on the mug can make it a bit more difficult to put your business name and logo with them. If you can though, do so, simply because Tiki mugs are highly desired and collected. It is also an extremely unique type of mug which will get your customers using them again and again and therefore showing off your company brand and logo to other individuals over the course of the lifespan from the Tiki mug.

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