Top 10 lesser known fitness accessories to try out today

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you probably are familiar with accessories like dumbbells, barbells, the kettlebells which are pretty straightforward and easy to use relatively. They are some of the most crucial pieces of equipment for weight training and circuit-based routines. However, there are a lot more fitness equipment out there apart from these basics. Incorporating them into your routine can help to affect targeted muscle groups and elevate your workout routine. These are lesser known accessories, or accessories that have fallen off the grid and are no longer as relevant as they once were, however, they are all very effective and efficient.

  1. Rings

These are some of the most deceptively simple pieces of equipment in the gym and can help amp up the difficulty level for simpler exercises like pushups, pull-ups, dips and rows. These have been used since centuries for bodyweight exercises and can also be substituted by suspension trainers; portable machines that challenge the stability and leverage while doing any bodyweight exercises.

  1. Atlas Stones

These are giant, heavy balls filled with concrete and can help build brute strength and are essential in strongman training. These are quite easy to get your arms around unlike most commonly used items and can be easily used and incorporated into your training routine. For a more upgraded version of Atlas Stone, you can find alternatives like the Rage Fitness Soft Stone or the Dynamax Atlas which comes in various weight ranges ranging up to 250lbs.

  1. Dynamax Ball

These are 14” medicine balls that are wrapped in vinyl and get their names from the brand that has given them their popular status. The mini version comes in a 10” body, and they are one of the most versatile workout accessories for any workout routine. These are very easy to handle and pretty durable. The softer balls absorb impact quite well and are fantastic tools that can help with plyometric work like wall tosses, slams and throws. These can increase the instability and difficulty level for pushups and pull-ups and cause a burn in the abs. They don’t bounce as much making them easier to toss up and against the walls.

  1. Parallettes

While most people use parallettes as simple pushup grip, however, parallettes are incredibly versatile and are so much more than that. These stimulate parallel bars and can be perfect for ensuring bodyweight moves like handstand pushups, isometric straightened leg-holds and V-sits making this a highly versatile piece of accessory that is often neglected.

  1. Slam Ball

If you are looking for a way to improve conditioning or just are looking for a good idea to get some stress relief, slam balls are the way to go. Created specifically to be slammed hard on the gym floor, these feel and look a lot like sand-filled kick balls and have little to no bounce at all.

  1. Sandbags

Sandbags are one of the most versatile gym accessories you can ever find and are one of the most widely used globally, though they have lost some of their appeals recently due to the invent of some new types of machines. The weight of sandbags shift continually and are cumbersome to handle, which forces athletes to adjust continuously using different core muscle groups that are not usually worked at once that can help build and improve strength. The PowerWave, made by PowerSystems is an excellent variation on this traditional equipment and comes with multiple weight levels and has some handles and straps that increase versatility. Visit DealVoucherz for the best deals on weightlifting equipment today.

  1. Resistance Bands

If you are looking to amplify up the intensity of your workout, substitute your dumbbells with the help of resistance bands. These are amazing for developing strength at the extremities of the range of motion and can strengthen the weakest points of your body. Ensure that these are secure at the ends though or they can end up smacking you in the face.

  1. BOSU

If you have ever wondered what those half-ball things kept in most gyms are, it is very likely a BOSU ball and increases instability in workouts. These can improve lunges, squats or push-ups.

  1. Abs Roller

This is one of the exercise accessories that had gone out of style at the turn of the century. However, it is a machine that is super effective. The abs roller can help engage the core muscles and can help you get the cut look you want quickly. These devices can be a little harder to come across. However, you can improvise with a short-sized dumbbell with rounded plates on each side to roll out for a similar effect.

  1. The Prowler

This is mostly a variation on the weight sleds and has twin vertical handles and can be used to pull on or drag or even attached to battle ropes or pushed around like tackling sleds.

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