TOP 9 Reasons WHY Go to Mexico for Weekend!


Tulum ~ Mayan Ruin


Guadalajara is rather popular touristic destination. It is situated about 6 hours driving from Mexico capital. Of course, you can get there by air. It’s no longer than an hour. Traveling by bus over the country you will spend about $40, depending on the bus comfort level. So, the best variant here is using Alamo Guadalajara car rental for the same price. It can be even cheaper if you share the price with your friends. So, if you still have doubts about where to go and what destination to pick, remember about Mexico. Here are reasons WHY.

Temple of Kukulkan or "El Castillo"


  1. World Popular Aquarium

Aquarium is a part of the sea line along the Californian coast. It is called in such a way because you can see more than 900 kinds of fish and 30 kinds of the sea mammals here. It’s amazing but you can see even a Blue Whale that is difficult to catch and see out in the wild. People come here for the excursion tour or diving lessons. This is the best way to learn what is going on under the water. Aquarium is the best underwater platform for animals to feed and breed.

  1. Maya Philosophy

Mexico is a land of legendary Maya. Here and there over the country you can find old monuments, buildings, ruins that are left from Maya times. The most interesting one is El Castillo. This old church attracts people from all over the world with its mystery and unique architecture. Also, you should visit Uksmal – legendary capital of Maya country that counted about 25 000 of citizens.

  1. Walking Dead Parade

Everybody knows that Mexico is proud of the Walking Dead Parade. Is there something to be proud of here? Locals call this event Dia de Muertos that is the best and tragic background for the parade. As a rule, people don’t like to talk about death. Mexicans are always ready to talk about it! They like Death takes, dance, even make toys and parades in her honor. People used to draw their faces black, wear scaring costumes and stalk along the city, dancing and singing merrily.



  1. Playa Del Amor

This amazing place is situated to the North from Casa Kimberly Hotel. You can get there by car for several miles away. Playa del Amor is a beautiful beach that is hidden between the rocks and hills. You need to go diving through the underwater tunnel to get to the beach. And no one can disturb you.

  1. City of Flowers

What do you know about it? This is a name of one of Mexican cities – Xalapa. It was called the City of Flowers because of its gross vegetation of the tropical jungles everywhere around. It looks like you are in the jungle city. It is not a secret that tropic flowers are the brightest and the most impressive creatures. You can see them here and there in the city, smell, touch. Also, Xalapa can boast its coffee that is grown up in the mountains.

  1. Puerto Vallarta

Looking for a beautiful life in Mexico, you may try to stop at one of the best ritzy resorts. Puerto Vallarta is one of the best resorts that welcomes you with its modern conveniences and ancient architecture. There is an old city part and touristic districts. Also, you should walk along the wild beaches and deep mountain forests. You can meet a small old village on your way along the beach and taste some fresh fish. Local pubs and beach bars welcome you with their bright cocktails, loud music, and hot dances.

Puerto Vallarta Suite Resort


  1. Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a beautiful Mexican city full of old churches, amazing architecture, impressive palaces. You may say that all every Mexican cities can boast their palaces and ancient ruins. Nevertheless, Oaxaca is the brightest, most colorful and friendly place in the whole country! It’s perfect!

  1. Dolls Island

Xochimilco is one of many Mexican regions that consists of many small islands. One of these islands is full of dolls. They are everywhere here – on the trees, on the ground, and even in the grass. There was the time when people found a dead body of a beautiful girl here. Since then locals bring different dolls to hang them on the trees so that they try to scare away all evil spirits. Want to see those dolls? You need a boat to get to the island.


  1. Hotels

Don’t worry if you are looking for a good rest and high class service. There are many hotels available in Mexico. You may stay at Villa Ganz, Casa Faytte, Quinta Real Guadalajara. Casa Fayette and Villa Ganz are located in the city suburbs. You can walk here and spend time outdoors. Also, looking for cheap variants, you should look for Airbnbs and mid-class hotels.

Mexico is one of the biggest cities. It consists of the variety of boulevards, palms, ancient architecture, old and new buildings, gardens, churches, and shops. You can get by car to everywhere. Also, it is very pleasant to walk around and enjoy the views of nature. Just come here and find your special reason to come back to Mexico again.

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